Why I Write

For several reasons...

Because few men are speaking out on these issues. When dealing with subjects where men are generally the abuser and women and children the abused, I find that shameful. 

Because I have something to say, and feel compelled to say it.

Because these things need to be said, these questions need to be asked, and the jar that compresses and oppresses the lives of women (and men) in fundamentalist Christianity - and its sub-cultures like P/QF and the Christian homeschooling movement - needs to be shattered.

Because people sometimes need compulsion, whether a nudge or a riverbarge, to think for themselves...and I want everyone who reads here to feel challenged to think, long and hard, about their sacred cows, about their long-standing traditions, about their cultural persuasions, and to be convinced in their own mind, knowing WHY they, personally, believe whatever it is they believe. Until it becomes personal, it really doesn't mean much.

I think if we're willing to genuinely examine, sift, and sort, we might be surprised at what we find.