Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Help Another Survivor

Take just a few seconds to click HERE and help another incredible person pursue higher education. She deserves the best. Costs you nothing, and requires nothing of you except to click on the "vote" tab.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I just voted and passed on the word to my FB friends.

  2. Done. I'm constantly amazed at the courage of these women who have left the patriarchal/fundamentalist mindset and are brave enough to face a world that must seem very foreign to them.

  3. Wren7, it does seem very foreign. And I've been "out" for a while, but still somewhat sheltered. A lot of things still scare me. But I'm slowly learning to face the fears and press on. College is one of those things. The desire to go to college has been growing stronger and stronger. I just know that it is the next step. But figuring out all the details and finding funding seems like an insurmountable challenge. I just keep taking one more step. Then one more. Even if I only take one or two steps a week, they start to add up very slowly. I'm hoping they add up to the education that I need by the time I'm done.

    1. You're doing incredible, and that's not blowing smoke.

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm now on page 3 of 236 pages of essays! Almost 400 votes out of the 700 I need for now. :) I think I'm gonna cry if I make it to the top 10, even if I don't get the final scholarship! :D

  5. Hope this isn't out of place on this thread.

    One option for getting a high-quality University degree at very low cost is the University of London International Programmes. It's the oldest distance degree program in the world. My daughter is in her final year of earning her bachelor's degree in English and the total cost will have been under $7000! If she had attended our local state university, it would have cost her more than half that just for the gas to drive to and from school. There's no general ed (all courses are in your chosen major) and you can finish in as little as three years. (These characteristics are typical of University degrees in England.)

    A degree from the highly respected University of London will be readily accepted in the U.S. Not only that, but it's automatically an honors degree (see their website for more on that). You must be self-motivated as there are no assignments to turn in, and no teaching. It's all independent study. Your grades depend completely on the scores you receive on your exams which are offered every year in May. (There are exam centers around the U.S.; there's one two hours from where we live.) There is an online blog where students can share their strategies/tips and encourage one another and the study materials contain a lot of advice to help you succeed.

    We hired an online tutor who is a graduate of Oxford U to coach her in her essay writing practice. I would suggest googling the words tutor + UK to find a tutor who is familiar with England's higher education system and who has a degree in your subject. Many of them only take in-person tutoring jobs but there are some who will tutor you online.

    The degrees are administered by various colleges within the University of London so the cost varies some from one degree to the next, as do the entrance requirements. My daughter had no ACT, SAT, or AP exam scores. (AP exams are normally required of U.S. students to enter the English Bachelor's program). Therefore, she applied for the diploma program, which is their alternate route. (Not all of their degree programs have this option.) After passing all those exams the first year, they admitted her into the Bachelor's program. Those courses then counted toward her degree. (They were the exact same courses as for the first-year BA.)

    If you go their website, you can order a Prospectus for your major and they'll mail it to you.

    Hope this helps someone! :)