Saturday, March 17, 2012

For When Needs Arise

Last year, when I wrote To Heal, several people contacted me to make themselves available to help in situations where someone may need a safe place to go. To update the contact list, and in the hope of expanding it to cover a greater geographical area, I'd like to present something of a question or two.

First of all, let me qualify this post by saying there are no immediate needs, although there are a couple of fluid situations I'm aware of. Let me also say just how much I appreciate ALL offers of assistance.

If you are willing and able to house and help someone escaping the abusive religious systems and relationships discussed on this blog, understanding that it can't be a religious undertaking but rather must be a loving, humanitarian undertaking, understanding and accepting the dynamics discussed here, please contact me privately at Those who've offered in the past, please contact me again to let me know if you're still willing and able to help.

If you contact me, please include your location (city and state), and please identify yourself as being able to assist in one of the following capacities...

Short term: A few days to 2 weeks.

Medium term: 2 weeks to 3 months.

Long term: 3 months+.

Also, please make me aware if you would be willing and able to assist in cases of mothers with young children.

Please note that this is only concerning assistance in housing. Again, ALL willingness to help is appreciated. Hopefully, you'll never be called upon, but it's nice to know you guys are there when individuals have no other options.