Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rick Perry's Hail Mary

Have you seen Rick Perry's new campaign ad?

Wow. Panic mode. Stirring up fundamentalist religious emotion/fear and pulling issues straight out of his butt cheeks to do so. Pretty manipulative, but I'm sure at least some of the fundamentalist community will take the bait. Looks like his candidacy has run into problems his coffers and Bilderberg background can't quite overcome, so now he's going for broke and throwing a culture war lob, talking about the Anti-Christ's, err, I mean Obama's "war on religion".

Want to read a thoughtful and intelligent response to it and the mentality behind such an ad? Here ya go. Some of you may not like the source, but if you're genuinely willing to accept truth in whatever package it comes, you'll get over it.


  1. He's wearing the same jacket that Heath Ledger wore in Brokeback Mountain....and he says he doesn't like gays. Pfooey.

  2. I don't know why Perry does this stuff except that he seems to have the IQ of a Zu Zhu Pet. What Perry needs to do now is beat Gingrich and Romney, and appealing to voters who Perry/Huckabee/Bachmann already appeal to is not going to beat Romney or Gingrich. Campaigning against Obama and liberals and getting out the bigot vote in Iowa (a state where gay marriage is, btw, legal) is not going to beat Romney or Gingrich. The only thing I can figure is that Perry at this point thinks all publicity is good publicity--and that isn't true in politics..

  3. This ad upset me to the core. The gall of this candidate to speak against the gay community and religion in the presidential office! My father was gay and Christian. One's sexual lifestyle should never be land blasted by religious ignorance.

  4. i'm gonna try REALLY hard to not break your comment standards [i.e. i'm giving it my all to not cuss like a sailor] but W.T.F?!

    1. not ALL the people who "created" this country were Christian. in fact, if you look at the slave population at the time of the Revolution, it's EASY to note that the MAJORITY weren't Christian. and even amongst those who WERE, today's Fundys wouldn't CONSIDER them Christian. then there are the Native populations - WE weren't Christian [a minority had converted, but as a whole?] and we CERTAINLY fought in both the Revolution and the War of 1812.

    second, since WHEN can nobody "openly" celebrate Christmas? unlike MOST religious holidays, it's a federal holiday, as well. banks and most businesses are CLOSED, as is the government - ALL of the government. kids write letters to Santa in school - and for those who protest Santa, in most places, kids are allowed to write to Jesus, instead.

    on the other hand, *I* have to celebrate Yule in something approaching secrecy. there are VERY few people IRL who know i'm pagan - because i HAVE been persecuted for it, and i know others who have been SEVERELY damaged by this sort of persecution [losing their children is only the most heart-breaking of examples i can give. and not all the people i know who have lost kids because of their religious practices are pagan, or even non-Christian. i know a woman who was a Jehovia's Witness, and her daughter had a disease that required blood transfusions and etc. in DEFIANCE of her church, her daughter got every single medical proceedure necessary - and she STILL had her daughter taken away when she was 13 or so, because the mother was a Jehovia's Witness and might "change her mind" about whether or not her daughter recieved appropriate medical care.]

    same with the "praying in school" - there's no way to STOP IT! what's not allowed is any sort of "official" prayer, no cohersive "prayer time" ["class, it's time to pray; bend your heads". this still happened in my elementary school; i was often punished for refusing, but the principle had to overturn it every time.] NO ONE is allowed to FORCE *ANYONE* into prayer or prayer-like activity.

    and they SHOULD be HAPPY about that! - it means that other religious can't be forced onto THEIR kids!

    why is this so freaking hard to understand?!

    oh - wait - they KNOW this is the case. but they really, really, REALLY believe that THEY have the right to force THEIR religious practices on everyone else. if anyone else were to do this, they'd be up in arms faster than you can say "no official led prayer in school" - but THEY'RE "right", and HAVE the "right". gah!

    as for the expected attack on LGBTQI peoples... bigotry is bigotry, hate is hate, and didn't Jesus have some VERY pointed things to say about that? i'm sick of "Christians" who don't even understand what Jesus taught.
    i prefer REAL Christians. like you, Lewis, and others i know. who practice what JESUS preached.

  5. It's nothing but politics.
    He's catering to the only constituency group that will win the nomination for him. They all do it. That's politics!


    Oh wait............

  7. And I think rick Perry is being himself. I think he's a seriously scary religious addict who doesn't deserve to run the neighborhood convenience store, much less the state of Texas and never,never, please God never, the entire country. No act here, what you see is what you get.


    Oh, and his jacket choice is classic Western cowboy regalia, which is why the producers of Brokeback Mountain chose it as well. It says "rugged cowboy", implying a person who is strong,tough, independent and perseveres through hardship. The only thing that would say "authentic cowboy" more, would be a pair of crap-covered, beat up boots and a stained, dusty, well-traveled hat, but only the true Western states would get that. To the rest of the country it would just say "needs a stlist"! :p

  8. ROFLOL at myself! I can't spell, apparently. So funny.

  9. Way to go for sticking your neck out and risking everything by claiming to be a Christian, Rick! You have such balls - you and the rest of the persecuted "minority."

    This guy doesn't have a chance ... does he?

  10. "I don't always make homophobic commercials, but when I do, I prefer to dress like a gay cowboy."

  11. @Rebecca...At one time (not too long ago in fact), were I a betting man, my money would've been on him. With money-brokers (Leininger) and power-brokers (his Bilderberg experience) behind him, and the Republican field looking like Gong show cast-offs, he seemed to me to be a given - provided he didn't eff things up.

    He's gone out of his way to eff things up. He's ruined himself so thoroughly that I don't know if a total overhaul could make him even remotely viable in the next cycle.

  12. Hey everyone, guess what? Jesus must have read this post. He filmed a response to Rick and posted it online! ;)