Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There She Goes Again (Part 2)

Check out this post over at my friend Karen's site,

I was also made aware of the survey a few days ago. I knew then that there was more to it than "reconciliation". I guess we now know it's true purpose - to provide fodder for this new blog undertaking. Not to "reconcile" - to antagonize Quivering Daughters and form a plan of attack against it. Not to bring healing - to assess damage, and see what areas of the message needed to be shored up so the agenda might remain unfazed.

Hillary Clinton also loves focus groups. She's often allergic to the truth, and many people very close to her consider her somewhat amoral, but she loves her some focus groups.

It's a pretty snake-ish thing to mask this nonsense behind Christianese, "By His Grace"s, and "reconciliation".


  1. You don't like Hillary Clinton much do you, lol?

    Back on subject: I'm not quite sure what the motivation is with this whole "Steadfast Daughters" thing. Nothing good can come of it, and I say this as someone who never had a real problem with Stacy MacDonald's blog. Or at least I didn't until I saw this unfolding and it has changed my mind considerably.

    Since when do we need to go out of our way to defend against someone who disagrees with us on matters not directly realted to sin and salvation?

  2. I posted this:

    right after I found out she was sending our surveys. It was predictable that she was not merely trying to understand anothers experience of life. :\

  3. Terry...For now, my answer would be - when we have something to lose. $$$

    I may get into this specific answer more in the very near future. $$$

    You're right...not a big fan of Hillary;) Even though I'm generally politically conservative, it's not so much about her positions (which I'm no fan of) for me as it is her person and the way she operates.

  4. Way to be subtle, Lewis. :P

    $$$ LOL

  5. Wasn't Stacy the one that went on and on about the daughters of patriarchy rehashing their past and their feelings and it was a bad thing, according to her? She is a walking contradiction. Her whole "interview" encourages what she speaks against.

    Like I said over at Karen's blog, "Any type of reconciliation that patriocentrics would want to help in would only benefit themselves and the system."

    McDonald has already clearly shown that she has no understanding of true abuse and that she has no compassion for the daughters of patriarchy so how in the world would she be able to help in reconciliations that would actually be healing to those of us that have been truly abused by this lifestyle?

    I wonder how much she'll charge to help with these reconciliations or the book she might be planning to write about it. Cha-ching, cha-ching. Sounds like just another business opportunity with God's name attached to it. Shame, shame, shame.

  6. Doesn't the Bible say "by their fruits, you shall know them"? If more and more young women (and men) are standing up and saying that the patriarchial/homeschooling/QF/whatever you want to call it movement has hurt them, that's fruit, right there. And it's not tasty fruit, either. It's bitter and rotten.

    As despicable as I find Stacy's review (using Hillary's sister against her? Really?) the thing I saw most in it was fear. Stacy herself says that the book made her feel "heavy and victimized" and that she could "relate to Hillary on an emotional level." Which, to me, means that Stacy recognizes and has felt the same pain, but is refusing to recognize it. And why should she? If she acknowledges that the belief system that she has been peddling all these years is wrong, her world crashes down around her. The "pioneers" of the homeschooling/QF movement promised a utopia of sorts - perfect, smiling families where the kids are free to love Jesus, never face peer pressure, and go on to have happy, peaceful, "courtships" and marriages. I should know - my parents were sold the same bill of goods.

    Now that it's failing, the folks who peddled that utopia are scared and lashing out.

    I'm lucky enough that my folks have also recognized the error of the "patriarchial" way, but I still have scars from the past, and I still have a hard time having a relationship with my parents. They're great people now, but I still live in fear of the judgement that I experienced then. So I still speak to them (of course!) but I'm afraid to get close to them, because I don't want to be hurt again. I don't want certain boundaries to be crossed.

    And that survey is laughable. Seems that the results of the patriarchy *are* speaking for themselves, and they don't need a survey to do so. Stacy just doesn't like what they are saying.

    Anyway, I'd take "Steadfast Daughters" way more seriously if it was written by Stacy's adult daughters - particularly the two that have gone through the courtship process and who are now on their own.

    (sorry this is so long winded!)

  7. " Seems that the results of the patriarchy *are* speaking for themselves, and they don't need a survey to do so. Stacy just doesn't like what they are saying. "

    Exactly. That is exactly it.

  8. Lewis you hit the nail on the head!! As with most cults this one begins and ends with money. All of the leaders in this cult make their living off of it! It is not a ministry, it is a business. Every last one of them support LARGE families by selling this way of life to their adoring fans. The fans come to believe they are buying the keys to salvation and the "leaders" of this cult do nothing to stop this line of thought.

    Go over and read Doug Phillips' most current blog post. He has posted a letter he received from one of his "worshipers" in praise of his most recent catalog! Please read it, you won't believe it! If after reading it you don't believe this paradigm is a cult you don't know what a cult is!

    As always Lewis good work!! I SO look forward to commenting on Stacy's new blog, I have MUCH to say.

  9. Taunya - I get the shudders every time I go to the Phillips blog, which is NOT very often because I can't stand the place. But, I just went and read that post. UGH! I wonder how much of their money they couldn't afford to spend went towards the VF coffers after she and her hubby leafed through it.

    So, so sad.

  10. Commenter Sallie made a great point over on Karen's blog...Not a single question in Stacy's survey inquires as to the happiness of any of these young women in their new life.

    This suggests VERY STRONGLY to me that Stacy's only interested in their happiness if it can be found in their old life.