Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Survey (There She Goes Again - Part 3)

Considering the recent "review" of Quivering Daughters, and considering a "survey" which made its rounds this past week which appears to correlate, I feel, for the sake of honest discussion, Stacy McDonald would do well to answer a few questions of her own...

1. You've mentioned "healing" and "reconciliation" in your writing. I believe that no discussion on the matter has any chance of prospering until you state specifically what those words mean in relation to these issues. Specifically. Not vaguely. Would anything less than these adult daughters ending their rebellion and resubmitting to the headship and authority of a father practicing "biblical patriarchy" qualify as either healing or reconciliation in your eyes?

2. How do you stand to gain financially by diminishing the message of Quivering Daughters?

3. How do you stand to suffer financially if a book like Quivering Daughters draws people away from your personal doctrine?

4. Do you benefit financially from the promotion and sale of your doctrine?

5. Have you ever sought or threatened legal action against any of the contributors to or supporters/promoters of Quivering Daughters?

6. Is the goal of your doctrine to "outbreed" the competition, in the process taking dominion by sheer force of numbers over society, government, et cetera?

7. This plan won't work without stringent indoctrination or rigid authority structures within families as they breed will it?

8. Doesn't that set up an oppressive authority dynamic that equates to Islam or Communism, one which is reliant on one group controlling another?

9. Much of your writing, and that of your associates, stresses the turning of children's hearts toward their father and his vision for the family. You believe this is a biblical mandate, even for adult daughters, correct?

10. Does Quivering Daughters stress the turning of hearts toward their Heavenly Father through a loving Savior?

11. Would it be safe to say that you have any number of motivations, beyond a genuine search for truth and anything to do with Christ, for your opposition to Quivering Daughters?

12. Didn't you express opposition to the very idea of the book long before you read it?

13. How do you expect to honestly discuss issues of legalism with a panel of contributing authors widely considered to be leading first-generation legalists within an extremely legalistic movement?

14. (impishly) Did you steal the idea for your survey from my recent post? Seems to be a very similar format - except that I trust my readers with their own handling of the answers.


  1. Brilliant!

    I'd love to see her HONEST answers to these questions, but we all know that's NOT going to happen.

  2. Honesty certainly hasn't been my experience with anyone in that camp.

    I just hope that anyone who might read her blog will see that there's a TON more to this than any staged and manipulative "biblical response to QD" before they drink the Kool-aid.

    If she can keep her readers from thinking, if she can think FOR them, she can convince them of the truth of ANY doctrine or viewpoint - whether there's actually any truth in it or not.

  3. Just to add to my earlier comment...

    "If she can keep her readers from thinking, if she can think FOR them, she can convince them of the truth of ANY doctrine or viewpoint - whether there's actually any truth in it or not."

    And when this is accomplished...Cha-Ching.

  4. i was thinking that same thing, Lewis. If she answers it honestly, they'll lose money. The profit is in the lies.

  5. Oops, I didn't realize my daughter had logged me out of my Google account.

  6. Stacy's second screed is pretty foul, folks...essentially trivializing Hillary's experience. Be prepared.

  7. Anonymous...It essentially requires one to shut down one's brain in reading it.

    Someone please translate this nugget for me in a way where the scripture included ISN'T used entirely deceitfully...

    “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” means, among many other things, that I must acknowledge that I could never write a history for myself as wise and rich and wonderful and eternally profitable as the one that God has so graciously written for me. Disappointments and all, I don’t wish it might have been different. It’s been exactly what He ordained.

  8. 15. Quivering Daughters is written by an adult woman who grew up in a QF family. Why don't you let your own adult daughters write a blog from their perspective instead of speaking for them?