Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Volume 3)

The Good

My friend Taunya recently posted this quote as her Facebook status, and I liked it so much I thought it deserved a spot in "the Good" here...

If we simply preach the effects of redemption in the human life instead of the revealed, divine truth regarding Jesus Himself, the result is not new birth in those who listen. The result is a refined religious lifestyle, and the Spirit of God cannot witness to it because such preaching is in a realm other than His. ~ Oswald Chambers

Does that sound like anything we know?

A beautiful new piece from Hillary can be found here.

Eric posted a link to this in a previous comment string, and it's worth a read...If Jesus Had a Blog.

The Bad

I came across this and it was enough to give me the dry heaves. Check this madness out.

My favorite part...

Since our daughters were very young, we have instilled in them a family commitment to courtship. Our girls will not "date" before they are married. We see no biblical precedence for "trying people on for size" or being in relationship with a member of the opposite sex because it is pleasurable or "something to do." 

He leaves out the part where there's no biblical precedent for toilet paper. Or airplanes. Or television. Or the interwebs on which he's spreading this mind-numbed poison. And on and on and on. Ugghh. He also leaves out the BIG part where there's no biblical precedent for courtship. I suppose I could win his daughter by delivering 200 foreskins of Philistines, though, given there IS a biblical precedent for that.

He's connected to Ray Comfort's "ministry", which tells me enough.

The Ugly

I came across the following gems on Christian Nightmares.

The fun starts in this one just a bit past the 1:00 mark...

And this one, well, heh, umm...

It's seems to me that when you're batting 0 for forever on your prophecies, maybe prophecy isn't really in your wheelhouse. But, hey, what do I know? I'm not the 3rd Eagle of the Apocalypse.

There's another one somewhere where he recently declared the rescue of the miners in Chile to be the beginning of the great tribulation. Something about the significance of the number 33, what with there being 33 miners. No. I'm not kidding.


  1. Wait! I'm 33 years old! So was Jesus when he died. And Chris Farley was 33 when he died. ACK! My life must be in danger!!! Danger, Will Robinson, Danger, Will Robinson!

    *rolls eyes*

  2. I just checked out that dad's blog. O_O

    This part really made me want to vomit:

    ...receive my consent to marry my daughter. Otherwise, he is nothing more than a thief.

    So, I'm taking that to mean that his daughter is his property? UGH! He obviously does, since a thief steals property. If the girl were an individual and a person of her own right, she would NOT be property.

    This is exactly what my father did to my husband when we got engaged. Accused him of stealing his property. I was demoted to nothing more than a piece of property. Something my father OWNED.

    How in the world is this "biblical?"

    Oh, that's right. It's NOT!

  3. That Oswald Chambers quote perfectly describes the followers of the neo-patriarchy/patriocentric movement in my estimation. Many of these people have been "saved" to a false gospel and know not the Lord, it is sad.

    As to the clips I have one word PROZAC!!!!!

  4. LMAO, Lewis. Thanks for posting the Good and the Ugly. I can't bring myself to look at the Bad. You've got a stronger stomach than I do, Erika! :0)

  5. " car and building doors for women whenever given the opportunity. My daughters have been raised to understand that any man who will not open a door for them is not worthy of them."

    Really? I mean, I like having doors opened for me as much as any girl. But when it becomes a requirement...don't even bother. :P I hate when a random act of kindness is demoted to a rule that must be followed. It looses all appeal in my mind.

    "Now, I understand that no one is perfect. I understand that sanctification is a process and that no man will attain perfection in this life. But any young man who finds this list too much to bear, who is unwilling to try to live up to the personal qualities described in the above list, should examine himself to see if he is even in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5)."

    So not living up to this man's list is = to not being a Christian?! Good luck, man. Hope you don't mind never having grandkids. Of course, my parents had a similar list. I ignored it. So there's always hope. ;)

    His list looks like the opposite of my "10 Truths About Men" list. Where he says "he must be able to always provide for my daughter", I said "sometimes shit happens and he won't always be able to provide. Love him anyway."

  6. I found this gem today:

    You can add it to your "bad" list. :P

  7. I got my chuckle for the day watching Lil Markie. Thanks.

  8. That whole blog post could have been written by my dad. "...receive my consent to marry my daughter. Otherwise, he is nothing more than a thief." Yep, my husband was repeatedly called a thief, among many other things.

  9. To make matters worse, there is major biblical precedent for "stealing" a woman in order to marry her. Judges 21. Word.

    What's that? We're not necessarily supposed to do everything that the Bible records people did? So tell me again about this Patriarchy bit...

    I just found out that Brant Hansen is blogging again at , by the way, which makes me happy.

  10. Darcy, that link to the girl's blog you sent me is so disturbing. Very early on, her theology gets so confused. First she equates parents with God himself.

    As if that isn't blasphemous enough, she then goes on to say that God gives you every moment of your life (okay, sovreignty of God, orthodox belief) but that if you leave your parents home then that is no longer true. You can't have it both ways, Calvinists. Either every moment, word, action is predestined and controlled by God or not. Pick a position and stick with it.

    I couldn't read further than that. It's painful to me to see such passion for God being misdirected into allegiance to a lifestyle. What a tragedy. My hope is that in time the Holy Spirit will lead and guide her into all truth, not merely the patrio doctrine her parents have spoon fed her her whole life.

  11. Shadow- I started reading that girl's blog, too, but couldn't make it very far. So, so sad that other girls are eating these lies up.

  12. Sad, isn't it? And she seemed so...confrontational. Not nice about it. Blasting other girls who wanted to leave home and calling them names. One of my FB friends posted the link and was praising it up and down. I have no idea why some of my friends are still my friends :P They probably ignore everything I post and link to, lol.

  13. Darcy...That girl's page is scaaaaaary.

  14. Darcy: that link made me sick.

    "...must leave his parents and cling to his wife. While a man should honor his parents, he must not allow his parents to come between him and his wife."
    (note: not "her" parents. Only his parents have no right to impose on the union)

    " able to look me in the eye and respectfully say, "Dad, I disagree." He must have a spine."

    "...receive my consent to marry my daughter. Otherwise, he is nothing more than a thief."

    Cognitive Dissonance anyone?

  15. Lil Markie? Was he serious? Only in America. Ouch!!!
    The western church is in trouble. I've been exasperated from the mega,segregated, chaotic church down to the smaller churches that are poisoned with man's twisted ideologies.I'm excited about this blog. Thank you for your unwavering boldness and working so very hard at revealing the Good, Bad and the Ugly. It must be exhausting. It isn't pretty stuff but I appreciate your dedication to exposing the garbage; the garbage that pollutes and jeopardizes the gifts of simple beauty our Creator has for each one of us.
    My daughter and my relationship is still suffering from the impossibilities we fell prey to in re the courtship ideologies, patriarchalness "stuff" etc... As I earnestly tried to incorporate these "truths" (ha-ha) learned that there was something seriously wrong with these methods .I am a single parent and God knows we tried to utilize these methods as I just wanted to please the Lord. Well, the outcome was disastrous. Try following these methods without a husband or father to my kids. Nobody, and I mean nobody, could ever show me how it could work when there's no husband. Speaking out as a woman and single mom, man's methods can't, won't and DID NOT work. EVER. But God's simple, beautiful, Truths do. Not easy but He alone works. The materials placed in this blog, unfortunately, are very much alive. And well, Mr. Bill Gothard and the likes, the persecuted church thrives...not your cults. Psssst...pass it on!

  16. Re Vyckie's radio interview/ No longer Qivering... I just heard the interview. Thanks for putting it out there for women to hear. It's difficult and tiring to try to explain how the poison slowly takes over but she did it; successfully. After looking into Vision Forum, learning of Quiver Full and being involved in the IBLP "stuff" my self.. IT ALL SOUNDS THE SAME! AND, IT PENETRATES THE SAME WAY. It's all eerily identical.

  17. I have never heard such false prophecies in my life-
    the Bible warns to beware of false prophets......

  18. dude! I'm laughing so hard over here I'm snorting! ... ... sigh :D