Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Cult of Intellectual Dishonesty

Start by reading this.

Then, please tell me, do you have any doubt, whatsoever, the message she's conveying? Aside from the (most likely unwitting) use of Loaded Language (another element in the Lifton model of Thought Reform), is anyone actually struggling to understand the message conveyed by statements like these?...

“Jesus is all you need”.
True or false?
The statement is true.  But if the statement is used to suggest Christ’s disciples have no obligation to live out the gospel in real life (or to attack those who advocate that living out) it becomes a lie.

This is almost a kissing cousin to the whole Kevin Swanson "Faithville, Worksville, Farmville, Frontierville" nonsense that made me want to light myself on fire a couple of months back.

The statement is simply true, Kelly. It doesn't need qualifiers.

Faith and works (which, the implication of this article suggests are wrapped up in a lifestyle) aren't 50-50 equals in an equation of Christianity. Works are ONLY a by-product and fruit of faith. Works have no role, whatsoever, in anyone's salvation. Christ did all of the necessary work. Works as a fruit of faith aren't exemplified by patriarchy, submissive, obedient wives, rigid gender roles, homeschooling, courtship, grinding wheat and making homemade bread, quiverfulls, cloth diapers, home-childbirth, no secular college, stay-at-home daughters, denim jumpers, and the like. While Kelly may not partake in all of these things, she most certainly IS suggesting that the lifestyle that encompasses these things is necessary for "Jesus is all you need" to not be a lie. To suggest anything otherwise is foolishness.

The bible has an entirely different take on what the fruit of faith looks like...from the book of James...

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you....What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone? Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing, and you say, “Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well”—but then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?

These verses lead up to the "faith without works is dead" passage. Note the fact that the world doesn't corrupt you without you allowing it to - i.e., the importance of self-control. And also note the lack of the patriarchal/quiverfull lifestyle mentioned.

Here's some more from the mouth of Christ Himself...

For I was hungry, and you didn’t feed me. I was thirsty, and you didn’t give me a drink. I was a stranger, and you didn’t invite me into your home. I was naked, and you didn’t give me clothing. I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t visit me.’

There are numerous passages in the Book of the Secrets of Enoch which display God's heart as to what our lives should stress. Most of them deal with justice, honesty, and helping those who need help - widows, orphans, the outcasts of society. The sad fact of the matter is, there are a lot of non-Christians doing a better job of living out the life of Christ than many of us are. They don't get hung up on form and formula.

Kelly goes on...

If you suggest, for example, that God has laid out an order to family life, that God has something specific to say about marriage roles, if you are, in obedience to Scripture, teaching others to love their husbands and children and manage their homes,  you will probably be labeled as a “family worshiper” instead of a “Jesus worshiper”.
You will even likely be accused of being in a cult.
Cause now you’ve gone to meddlin’.  Yep, you’re a bona fide ”false prophet”.
(Never mind the fact that marriage is THE VERY PICTURE of the gospel; one would think that makes family a pretty important issue for the follower of Christ to get right.
Never mind the fact that failure to “teach these things” could result in blasphemy of God’s Word.  Nope, we better just stick to “Jesus is all you need”, and stay away from all that other stuff in the Bible.
If you suggest that God says “children are a blessing”, you are probably a “child worshiper”.  Why do you keep losing focus???

Presuppose much? Did Christ place such an unbalanced emphasis on marriage, family, and the womb? What has she specifically implied here? Patriarchy (and all of it's nasty little fingers), a woman's biblical role as a home-maker, quiverfull, and the like, are all essential elements to real salvation. She's said it without technically saying it (an art the patrios have mastered) so that she can deny having taken such a legalistic position, something she goes on to do in the comment string. We know what you meant, Kelly. *wink*

The Jesus I follow is gracious and merciful to those who LOVE Him, who demonstrate that love by obedience.

It's the little add ons like this one that mark the line between faith and legalism. Jesus is gracious and merciful even when we DON'T demonstrate obedience, not just when we do. Jesus extends His grace and mercy even to those who DON'T love Him. In fact, it was that group of people He sought out the MOST while here. Our love doesn't make us worthy of His grace and mercy. Our obedience doesn't make us worthy of His grace and mercy. Our performance as dutiful Christians doesn't make us worthy of His grace and mercy. That's what makes His grace and mercy so GREAT. It has nothing to do with your performance, but everything to do with His.

Any of you who read there, please use your minds and discern what's really said, because there's much more being said without being said than Kelly will ever admit.  


  1. Its a nice way of saying, "Our way or the Highway!"

  2. ''It’s easy to see how rampant this new Christianity is. We have tens of thousands lifting hands claiming to love Jesus, with zero life transformation.''

    Its amazing that people can assume they know a personal transformation when they see it. How Jesus can't be working on them, because we just 'know'. How they have known tens of thousands of people so WELL that they can 'know' this.

    I have wonder if the humble Jesus appreciates his people going around saying we are more 'holy' than you are. WE KNOW!

    Seriously? I mean who thinks like that?!

  3. What's sad, Hannah, is that it's people like you and me who get accused of making whoppers of assumptions.

  4. " Jesus is gracious and merciful even when we DON'T demonstrate obedience, not just when we do. Jesus extends His grace and mercy even to those who DON'T love Him. In fact, it was that group of people He sought out the MOST while here. Our love doesn't make us worthy of His grace and mercy. Our obedience doesn't make us worthy of His grace and mercy. Our performance as dutiful Christians doesn't make us worthy of His grace and mercy. That's what makes His grace and mercy so GREAT. It has nothing to do with your performance, but everything to do with His."

    Yes, Lewis! We love him because He first loved us. Herein is love, not that we loved God, But that He loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. (I John 4: 10,19)

    Ah, He loves us.

    Jesus had very little to say about marriage and family. He ditched his own mother and siblings, saying that his true family were those who were sitting at His feet listening to Him, those that "do the will of God" (Mark 3:31-35 also Matthew 12:49-50 and Matthew 25:40). He also said that loving God has to trump our love for family if there's a conflict (Matthew 19:29, Mark 10:29, Luke 14:26).

    Jesus never championed a patriarchal home school family vision. That is such a stretch it defies belief that anyone would try to make such a connection. That's so illogical.

    On the other hand, thank you Hannah for your sound mind! You zoned right in on the arrogance and hyperbole in your posts. The idea that "tens of thousands" of Christ worshipers are all deceived and worshiping a false Jesus because they aren't patriarchal home school QF cult members is the polar opposite of Romans 14.

    Jesus accepts them ALL (John 6:37), yet apparently the Gen Cedar blogger only believes that members of her little group are acceptable to God? And this is based on her works?

    Who exactly is preaching the false gospel here? The ones worshiping Jesus out of gratitude, or the ones who believe that their "obedience" is what saves them?

    Great post once again, Lewis.

  5. I should add...

    I think Kelly's statement perfectly illustrates her Jesus of choice...and that's the problem.

  6. All these assumptions they make are amazing.

    Just because I say "women are equal to men in every sphere of life" doesn't mean I am saying "I think God allows me to live a promiscuous life"

    Just because I say "I think there comes a time when parents should let go of their children and let them grow as adults" does not mean I am saying "I want to get into drugs and alcohol because my parents aren't watching out for me."

    Just because I don't choose legalism doesn't mean I'm therefore choosing license.

    Sure, I want to "hang out" with Jesus, but I also am in awe of His glory and Godhood JUST AS MUCH AS THEY ARE!!!

    Yes, God has rules He requires His children to follow. He does not, however, require us to follow the rules of men, gross exaggerations of what is actually written. :-P :-P

  7. They are just operating under the idea that if someone doesn't talk like them, dress like them, think like them, live like them, celebrate like them... that they are out of God's will, or "not really saved".

    Um... does the patriarchy mindset apply globally, or just in the western countries? Food for thought.

  8. Wow. There is a lot being said outright there too.

    "The Jesus I follow is gracious and merciful to those who LOVE Him, who demonstrate that love by obedience."

    If you don't obey, you don't get grace and mercy!

    Works-righteousness, much? Or we love Him because He first loved us?

  9. Shadowspring: Jesus didn't ditch his family. He did his Father's work. However, he also made certain that his mother was cared for in her old age (asking one of his disciples to care for her). And I can't remember which gospel that's in, but he was on the cross when he asked the disciple to treat Mary as the disciple's mother.

    On the rest of your point I totally agree. He didn't give us commands on how our family life should be structured etc.

  10. Wow, her article paints with one of the broadest brushes I've ever seen. It blows my mind how they can judge people's salvation like that.

  11. It's insidious, really, because of the kernel of truth in it. Of course if we love Jesus we want to follow Him, and following Him involves doing what He said.

    But this patriocentric movement says, "We are the ones who will tell you what obeying Him is supposed to look like. We, and not Jesus, will tell you whether you are doing His will."

    Paul said to the Galatians, "As many as desire to make a good showing in the flesh, these try to compel you to be circumcised. . . they desire to have you circumcised that they may glory in your flesh. But God forbid that I should glory except in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ..." Gal. 6:12-14.

    Homeschooling, home-baked bread, courtship, family-integrated worship, and six to twelve children-- that's what "a good showing in the flesh" looks like today. "But he who sows to his flesh will from the flesh reap corruption." Gal. 6:8. Quivering Daughters know what that corruption tastes like, and they aren't going to start saying it tasted sweet just because these people want to glory in their flesh.

  12. Hi again Stacy,

    Thanks for sharing part of your story, it felt like you were sharing your heart and that is always important and a gift. I was distressed at reading your story, it sounds like a lot of sad times in your childhood and the bullying was a terrible thing to have to deal with. I will not try to judge your family based on a few words and say whether or not your parents simply made mistakes or were abusive or what, but I can see that you did not experience the ‘perfect’ childhood by any means (not that many do, of course!).

    I did agree with what you said that there is hope and freedom and joy after bad things happening. I agree with encouraging people to look ahead and see that life can be good and they can live happily without always remembering bad things that currently chain them. My only real difference is just that sometimes it IS good to ‘camp on’ hurts and bad memories for a period of time in order to examine them, decide that what happened was not good, figure out what was or was not our own fault, and come to grips with the fact that people we love may have also hurt us. It's like a fever in healing the body - the body intensifies everything to finish up the process. It is a very difficult thing to grapple with and realize that someone as good and generally kind as the person in my case was guilty of emotional abuse, without being a nasty person, made me realize that I could easily be inadvertently guilty of abuse sometime – which I never, ever want to have happen. I think realizing that has made it less likely for me to abuse others and sorting through things during a period of intense focus on the bad things is what has enabled me to decisively put them behind me now.

    So yes, hope is great and people need to be encouraged that a healthy life is possible and does not include obsessing over the past, but sometimes a period of obsession is necessary and should not be condemned. Prematurely cutting off the reflection/obsession only leads to stifled healing and healing is the ultimate goal.

    I hope you are having a good Thanksgiving!

    Lewis, sorry to keep using your comments section like this! Hopefully I’ll have more time again in a couple weeks and be able to comment more regularly on the posts! Have a nice weekend everyone!


  13. Do these people have any clue how close they are getting to Mormonism? Really, all they need is to say God will reward their righteousness with dominion over others in the afterlife, and you've got yourself some brand new Fundie "Christian" Godmakers.

    Mormons have used the phrase "saved by grace through works" for DECADES. Other items that could be right out of the Mormon handbook: Family is the picture of "the gospel"... distorting the word "gospel"... "milk before meat"... even the whole quiverfull concept was Catholic / Mormon before fundies got hold of it.

    If it wasn't 2 in the morning I could list a dozen more. For some reason this really amuses me. ; )

  14. @ Esther,

    Jesus ditched his family on that day in the verses I quoted. They were waiting outside for him, one of his disciples informed him they were there, and Jesus pointed to the people He was with and said "these are my mothers and brothers and sisters". Nowhere does it say that he then went out to see what his family wanted. I don't know about your world, but that's getting ditched in my world. :)

    Perhaps you believe that if you ditch a person one day, then it necessarily follows that you have cut them out of your life forever. I don't make that leap. In my world, to ditch someone is to leave them behind in a social situation, choosing to leave the ditched behind because they are dragging you down in some way. In my vernacular to be ditched is a temporal event limited to a particular time and place. Ditching someone does not mean to permanently abandon someone.

    That's is why I used the word "ditched". If you understand the word differently, then I hope this clears things up for you and others who share your point of view.

    Whatever word you choose, the situation very clearly illustrates that Jesus did NOT put blood relatives and their expectations in a place of primary importance, like the patriarchal QF home school FIC/home churched families are claiming.

  15. I read that post, aghast, too. It expresses their gospel so perfectly. It goes something like this:

    "Saved by works, not by grace, unless I behave in such a way as to deserve the grace..."


    And what's freaky is how many women respond positively to that kind of teaching, as evidenced by the comments box below Kelly's post. As the KJV puts it, it's the "ministration of death," and yet it gets painted with such pretty colors that it sucks a person right in... :(

    ~Journey from NLQ

  16. Shadowspring, in the cult I was in, that verse about Jesus refusing to see his family was used to justify a teaching that we were to virtually abandon our families out of loyalty to the cult.

    Some cults fall into the ditch on one side of the road, and others on the other side. . .

  17. Oh Kristen, I am so sorry to read that! (((Kristen)))

    I hope that your life today is full of healing and joy.

  18. Aww, thanks, Shadowspring. It was almost 30 years ago, and my relationship with my parents was fully restored before they passed away. I had a very good holiday day-- and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are from the US!


    Stacey, or her minions, have targeted Razing Ruth. Have a look.

  20. The thing so amazing about this constant slander of people with whom you vehemently disagree, it that so much of what you disagree with is fabricated. (Not to mention that the slander itself is not indicative of a true believer--why hasn't anyone brought that up yet?)

    Psalm 15--"Who shall stand in your sanctuary?...he who has no slander on his tongue, who does his neighbor no wrong and casts no slur on his fellowman..."

    You so badly want me to say something that I don't say you just *say* that I'm saying it, even though I didn't, and all the blind sheep shake heads and say "I can't believe she's saying that", when I haven't, in fact, said it.

    The other things I actually do say that you say are wrong, you just conveniently ignore both Scripture to the contrary as well as "the rest of the story" that I give.

    Example: In this post, you criticize my saying that God gives grace to those who obey.

    Truth is, Scriputre says over and over that those who obey receive Heaven. Those who don't will receive hell. The grace is offered to all on earth, right now--and I say this often. But ultimately, the sheep will be separated from the goats.

    "In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.."

    The most unloving thing in the world is to deny this truth. And that's all I meant in the post. Grace WILL run out for those who have not obeyed the gospel of Christ. There will be a judgement and to deny that is to deny the cross and the very reason He had to die.

    Then, I noticed you didn't bother to link to this post, where I very plainly share my belief on grace and how fruit is just a result of the life of a believer and that we can't do anything to earn it...

    No, you'd rather believe I'm just legalistic, without knowledge of a Savior who saved us with His blood. You don't bother to mention that I write over and over of the grace and mercy of a Savior--the only place where we can stand righteous.

    It's easier to slander when you pick and choose, distort, and add words to what a person says. So you claim to be the "real" Christian meanwhile "reviling and persecuting and uttering all kinds of evil against me falsely"??

    It's an uncanny ability--to twist with words and you're very good at it, I give you that. But it's not right, and it's not what the followers of Christ do.

    That's the fruit your readers should really look at. Who is on the internet smearing and slurring the names of believers instead of coming to them privately to express their offense, as the Bible commands us?

  21. So, Kelly, tell me...

    Did you go privately to Hillary McFarland to express your problems with her book before joining a venture designed specifically to diminish her efforts and undermine her character? Did ANY of the Steadfast crowd do as much?

    Twisting words? Interesting. You see, Kelly, slander is a false (that's FALSE, Kelly) SPOKEN word and I have done you no wrong nor slurred you unjustly.

    You know, the followers of Christ also don't weigh down their brothers and sisters with heavy loads of legalist rules and formulas. Followers of Christ don't worship paradigms, or need to march off to the Amazon on bromantic adventures to prove to themselves and the world their own masculinity, or have enough children to populate a county to prove their obedience to biblical "teaching", or, like radical Islam, force their children to accept a man-made lifestyle or live through hell. I could go on for days.

    At some point, you're gonna have to just follow Christ and stop striving for a rigid persona of what you think a Christian should be. Rules and formulas will fail you, Kelly...every time.

  22. And Kelly, I think if you'll really examine your comment closely, you may find that you made it a lot worse.

  23. One final thing...Given the level of "discourse" over on your blog, don't ever again insult those who read here. Unlike your policy, I don't police the comments here, nor do I run from or discourage dissenting opinion. The only comments that are moderated are on old posts, and that's only a formality. But if you ever again insult these people, you'll get the boot off of this blog and all the way back to your patriarchal fantasy land.

    Many of these "blind sheep" have lived through hell, and still live through hell, because of the total BS doctrines you spout and support, and I'll defend them like a tornado of teeth and nails. Frankly, I have more respect for most of those who read and comment here than any other group of people on the planet, and you'd do well to become half the woman that the majority of them are.

  24. Lewis,

    I didn't expect anything less than the viciousness I see in your words over and over. And I'm not interested in becoming involved in that, I just wanted to make it clear that almost everything you say of me here is in some form twisted, distorted or generally added to--just as was done to Jesus...a constant effort to trap.

    You asked me, "Did you go privately to Hillary McFarland to express your problems with her book before joining a venture designed specifically to diminish her efforts and undermine her character?"

    The answer is "yes I did". It concerned me greatly that she painted everyone who was remotely involved in homeschooling and the like with such a broad brush and I did express my concerns to her. I wrote a few articles for Steadfast Daughters to try to explain that not all homeschooling families abused their children--no slander to Hillary and no taking her words out of context...anyone can go there and read them.

    If you would care to articulate which "BS" doctrines it is that I "spout" (is this really the language of those who claim to have the spirit of Christ?), it would do you well before you continue the venomous slander. You don't know me. Anyone who reads my blog without a pair of glasses bent on finding fault will see that I believe in the doctrine of grace, just as you claim to. Just because I homeschool, or have lots of children, or believe that when the Bible says, "husbands are the head of the wife" that it means, "husbands are the head of the wife", or other things that you hate does not make me belonging to a cult.

    And I don't block many comments, as you know. But I have a family to tend to and don't have the time you do to sit at my computer all day and answer comments from people who only want to slander my reputation--that's not cowardly, that's smart.

    I know I'm wasting my time here and will leave now. And I know there's no answer. I don't feel the hatred you do, and I sincerely wish all those claiming Christ could demonstrate the unity that He commands. We will all stand before the Lord and I pray that He finds me able to forgive those who speak so maliciously. I know MUCH of hurt...don't pretend that you have the corner market on it.

  25. And I don't block many comments, as you know.

    Just the ones that might cause your readers to think.

    You asked me, "Did you go privately to Hillary McFarland to express your problems with her book before joining a venture designed specifically to diminish her efforts and undermine her character?"

    The answer is "yes I did". It concerned me greatly that she painted everyone who was remotely involved in homeschooling and the like with such a broad brush and I did express my concerns to her.

    Would Hillary agree with this assessment?

    Overall, Kelly, if you're gonna keep spouting your fundamentalist, patriocentric BS, take this quarter and call someone who cares.

    And, let me remind you again, if you EVER come here and insult the readers of my blog like you did in your little hissy-fit last night, you'll never have a voice here again. Personally, I hold people like YOU responsible for the crap many of these women have lived through.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself on EVERY conceivable level for taking part in the poison and trash of Steadfast Daughters. Disgusting. As long as you stand with them, I'll stand 100% against every effort you make, and I give you my word on that. I intend to knock down all of your idols.

  26. And for the record, Kelly, posting anonymous comments on Hillary's blog doesn't count as "going to her privately".

  27. Quivering Daughters was very healing for me. I am tired of those who pretend that abuse does not exist in a lot of home schooling families. I know it doesn't exist in all of them because I know one or two AWESOME home schooling families, however, a good majority of us DID go through abuse as home schoolers and it's a huge reason why our parents wanted to home school in the first place. Pretending that isn't true doesn't help any of us still healing.

    Hillary clearly stated in her book that she wasn't condemning ALL home schoolers, just the ones that WERE that way, and there are a whole lot more that are that way than the home schooling families will admit to.

  28. I am a home school mom who read and loved and learned from Hillary's book, and I most certainly did NOT get the impression that:

    "she (Hillary) painted everyone who was remotely involved in homeschooling and the like with such a broad brush"

    Hillary was very cautious, extremely careful and gentle, to make sure that home schooling in and of itself was not her main objection. No, it is plain that the patriarchal lifestyle, with its emphasis on a false faith better described as magical thinking (if you keep having children, the money to raise them well will magically appear) and its pagan emphasis on what they seriously and erroneously call godly authority (men lording it over wives and children, parents lording it over children, in some homes male children lording it over female children, older children lording it over younger children) that is responsible for the deep emotional wounds these adult daughters carry. Hillary is plain that it is entirely the philosophical beliefs of patriarchal QF families that is so cruel to the children growing up in such homes- NOT home schooling!

    Hillary never implies that "all homeschooling families abused their children". She boldly points out how your patriarchal doctrines are intrinsically spiritually and emotionally abusive. She points out the responsibility abuse of older daughters by QF parents because it's a fact- and it has nothing to do with homeschooling itself.

    Many home schooling parents (even Christians not deceived by the patriarchal sales pitch) are RESPONSIBLE, thoughtful people, who count the tremendous cost involved in nurturing a child to adulthood and don't have more children than they have the resources to provide for in every way- financially, emotionally, socially, spiritually and yes, academically. I never felt convicted by Hillary's book in any of these areas.

    The only places that (rightly) convicted me was when I saw how painful it was for children to be constantly hounded to be perfect models of Christian virtue. THAT I was guilty of, and repented of, and all my family's lives are better for it.

  29. Yea it's NOT the homeschooling in of itself [I'm secular unschooler and the majority of home schooler's I know are Wiccan, Pagan, various other religions, secularists, atheists, etc., in our state [liberal]

    However, the loudest mouth political of home-schooler's is yes, fundies, which I hate to say this, because it's a Twist of Irony here,

    if NOT for those fundies we wouldn't Have the freedoms to Choose/parental control over ANY education in our state, [I think this is true nation wide sad to say] and that includes over Montessori schools, Charter and Private. Not only that Low income families would be stuck sending/even busing children to schools that have huge problems with violence, etc.,

    and in Ohio there is currently a case of a woman, student who is near getting her teacher's degree, Single BLACK mother, who sent her children to a Better [non-violent] school in her father's district of whom she Did live with part time and Because SHE had the odacity to want Better for her low income BLACK children,

    she was jailed, sentenced to a Felony and now won't be able to work as a teacher, and WHY,

    because she of the Underclass wanted Better for her daughters than them being Raped, schooled with gangs [thank you liberals and class snobs] and Corrupt Administrations and Smart Development.

    So While I detest the ultra and well Any patriarchal fundie system or philosophy, I have to interject that the ISSUE that often is the Fuel for their strength, is the Class and Race issue itself,

    it's One thing to speak from privilege when you don't Have to send your children to schools that are horrid [and where rape/violence/gangs and drugs is not just common but is daily reality], it's quite another to LIVE with that and NOT have choice,

    and sad to say, it's those Fundies, who are the Only ones at least there, that are fighting for numerous who have few if any representation...which Leaves me to wonder,

    if that's not the ulterior plan of this corrupt system to Begin with? It would explain the power apparatus's 'denial' of abuse in patriarchal children's homes, etc., I believe the secular fascists and the religious fascists are NOT separate but are actually Working together, to socially engineer citizens into one giant fascist STATE.

    And they are doing so, quite easily, by mass propaganda and Utilizing the very voices, that appear to be friendly to many, but in fact, are not, quite easy because SO MANY ARE GULLIBLE.

    It's not the Tea Party, it's not the Fundies, it's not the Tree Huggers,

    it's what is Behind all of them, that is working and working quite well--what just gets me to shake my head in disbelief, is just HOW duped so many people are, who can't see what is going on...and when the radicals [which odd are the Pagans and Wiccans who CAN see what is transpiring' say,

    they are leading the dumb sheeple to their slaughter, they as in the powers to be,

    they aren't kidding....I never thought I would admit this, but the Native Indians and Pagans, are Right,

    always were, to single out the Fundies as the culprit, is missing so much, the Fundies are a Result of the mainstream good ole American Protestant-Capitalist-Catholic Empire,

    not some anomaly, that just sprouted out of Nowhere in some vacuum. It's no coincidence, that in the ultra fundie sects and the secular 'obey without question and if one has cognitive dissonance just pop some prozac and/or other pharma drug'

    are ONE in the same!

    Leaven of Pharisee Leaven of Herod--same bread lump.


  30. Jane, that woman was punished because she broke the law and forged lies on official papers, not for wanting better for her kids. If you are going to cite an event, at least cite it honestly.