Monday, February 13, 2017

The Blind Creating More Blind People So They'll Have Someone To Lead

The Botkin Sisters are at it again.

This would be like me, a person who knows nothing about performing an organ transplant, attempting to teach other people who know nothing about performing organ transplants how to perform an organ transplant. It's complete madness in every conceivable way.

I don't know their exact ages (guessing late 20s early 30s now?), but to my knowledge these girls have never so much as sniffed a relationship. They have NO frame of reference, whatsoever, on the subject matter they're teaching. None. To sell this book is the same as stealing. Even worse, as the damage done will be deeper and more lasting than being a few dollars lighter in the pocketbook.

This type of intellectual incest is what makes the elements of Christian homeschooling all morph together into a cult movement. Formulas and more formulas, few of which come from any realistic or grounded frame of reference, "sin" sensationalized, an illness created from nothing so a cure can be sold. It paralyzes lives, as no one affected develops the ability to think critically (or even pragmatically), and everything has to flow through filters of ignorance which lead back to the formula, which usually calls for more self-flagellation and extreme role-playing, and often leads to the dispensing of existence. You can't argue this with me. Ever. I witnessed it and was bludgeoned by it.

Were it not for the weakening of the movement due to the falls of Gothard and Phillips as the assholes they are and always were, this could rival, even surpass, the damage done by Josh Harris' tour de force in writing about things you don't know about, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye".

If two people love each other and want to be together, they should just be together and love each other, working on their relationship, and growing together in that relationship, in whatever shape or form that takes for them. Religious bullshit will KILL a relationship.

Now that I could write a book on.  

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  1. Remember they are the daughters of the sycophant who prayed over their ovaries at their birth to be able to populate the nation and win the 200-year plan. Daddy dearest won't let any man near them because who would shave him and tie his shoes?