Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Odds and... Odds (Volume 3)

I found this first video via a posting Jocelyn Zichterman made on FB. BTW, Jocelyn deserves a hearty round of applause for her advocacy and work on behalf of IFB abuse victims.

Consider this video the culmination of daddy-worship (which is central to Christian homeschooling, IFB, VF, and Gothardist brainwashing), and try to avoid hurling all over your keyboard...

Wanting to grow up to live with and marry Daddy? Snuggle, hug, and kiss him? O.M.G. Perverse. The only thing lacking there was an expressed desire to shave him. If they ever sing this song at the VF Father/Daughter retreat, I'll officially declare the apocalypse to be upon us. This stuff is seriously messed up.

I came across this next video via Joe Sands' FB page, and it may be one you've seen before. Personally, being this guy's such a literalist, I think a toilet might be more sanitary than a wall, but hey, that's just me...

Come on, men! We can do it! For AMERICA! What do you girly-men who pee sitting down have to say about that?! Nothing?! I thought so. Wusses.

Came across this one on my Yahoo news feed a couple of hours ago. Ironic on several levels...

Wow. If Pat Robertson thinks the GOP candidates are getting too right-wing extremist...

Hey Pat, you're a leader in the evangelical, religious right world, and have been for several decades. You helped to create this extreme, fringe, right-wing monster that demands their GOP candidates feed them or die political deaths at their hands. So now you don't want GOP candidates to appease the rabid, extremist, vocal minority you helped create, which now holds conservative politics hostage? You'd better start retraining the monkeys more than worrying about the potential zoo-keepers. They're the problem. 

Of course, Pat's gotta be nearing 150 years old by now, and his memory isn't what it used to be. If any of the candidates actually heeded his advice, he'd probably end up blasting them on his show for being godless moderates and evil libruls. He might not even remember having said any of this by tomorrow.

Which brings me to this final video. A lot of you have asked the origins of the "Church Lady Alert". Here you go, circa late 80s SNL...


  1. The video about "pisseth against the wall" didn't make me hurl, it made me laugh. That poor preacher just doesn't understand that the KJV is a politically correct rework of the Bishop's Bible because James I didn't like the Geneva translation because of it's emphasis on liberty. The Geneva BTW also contains "pisseth against the wall" and also contains "buggarer" instead of homosexual. Personally I think it is more respectful to use the newer translations in those instances.

  2. That second video is just too bizarre. How can anyone take a guy seriously who preaches about how to pee for four minutes?

    And I always love Fundies who proclaim that the chapter and verse numbers have deep spiritual significance, as if God put them there...

  3. That first video...yuck! Looks cute to the unsuspecting but what are they REALLY talking about? Why would you even think it is okay for a little girl to talk about marrying daddy? Thankfully, that was never on the agenda or encouraged in any way for me growing up. Respect, honor, obey, get guidance and wisdom...but marry my daddy? never!

  4. That's so perverse! I could not believe my eyes seeing that video about growing up and marrying Daddy. With the emphasis on false doctrines, the commandments of men, being taught in such churches I bet the congregation knows nothing about what grace really is, the biblical concept of law and gospel, or what the true gospel really is. And that is the tragedy of it all, that pastors are spewing false doctrines and sending people to hell. And it must be stopped.

  5. Here's Pastor Anderson's blog, for more of his preaching:

    And his wife's (much of it is family oriented, but check out 'the woodshed' for some real gems:

  6. Ohh, good grief... That second video? Marvelous. Seriously, that man needs some medication or something, because there's no way he's completely sane.

  7. According to the Jon Stewart show, Pat Robertson doesn't really think the candidates are too extreme, just TOO HONEST ABOUT IT! He agrees with them, knows most of America would finds them insane, and just wants them to keep it under wraps until after they've won the presidency.

    God forbid that should happen!

  8. I LOVE the church lady!! Thanks for that blast from the past. =) Maybe you had to live through it, but oh my! So funny! So true.

    "And I'm asking for your forgiveness-ss-ss-ss-ss-ss-ss-ss *sob*"

  9. Anonymous 3:00 pm,

    Went to the woodshed.
    It's like watching sharks swim around in a tank and feeling relieved I'm now swimming with them.


  10. I've been seeing signs that Pat Robertson may be moving towards grace. I think this may be another step along the way. I hope so. If he could come to the point where he publicly recants some law-filled, Pharisaical things, he could have a big influence.

  11. Hey Lewis, question...have you ever considered addressing Mark Driscoll and some of his silliness on these odds-and-ends blog posts? You said in one of your other posts that he is a moron, so I assume you have serious disagreements with him. Have you ever heard some of his guilt-inducing sermons about a woman's place, about how guys should lead, etc. etc. Some of it is very similar to what P/QF people say about the role of men and women. And Driscoll manages to say it in the most misogynistic way possible, which is even more annoying. He worries me a lot, b/c he seems untrustworthy in many ways yet he has so much influence.

  12. Driscoll's ideas are definitely kissing cousins to the P/QF ideas, and he ranks up there pretty high on the jerk scale. I feel for his wife. I actually have serious concerns for her.

    I'm not a big fan of any of the Calvinistas - Driscoll, Piper, Mahaney, Harris, Dever, Mohler, et cetera.

  13. If you ever feel so inclined, I would encourage a post on that. Driscoll is VERY widely accepted and admired in some circles, so the internet could probably use a few more voices chipping in to question him, particularly on these issues.

  14. You know not all home schoolers believe in "daddy worship." It's only people who have been influenced by IBLP and VF, I've met some pretty balanced homeschooling families. But then they weren't religious about it, as in not opposed to sending them to school.

  15. hmm...

    not so offended by the little girls singing about marrying daddy.

    We by NO means teach our children that they should marry their parents, but our little girls still have said in a little girl sing-song voice that they want to marry their daddy.

    My little boys have said the same thing about me.

    It's something that kids say and they went with it. I don't think it is really sick and twisted. I think it is only that way if you look at it with patriarchal quiverfull goggles on. To me, they just look like little girls who love their daddies. Normal.

    Though-weird that they are singing a song of praise to their daddy at church. That is odd.