Thursday, April 28, 2011

Comment Issues

I've been made aware that a lot of you guys have run into trouble when attempting to leave comments. Seems this has gone on, to varying degrees, for a while. The Blogger Monster's comment appetite seems to kick in. Rest assured that I'm not moderating and rejecting comments. With the exception of posts three weeks old or older, moderation is turned "off" in my comment settings - and ONLY turned on for the older posts so that I can keep up with the conversation without comments sneaking up on me unawares.

A couple of commenting tips until blogger overcomes this problem...

Particularly if you've spent time typing a long comment - right click and copy the text before submitting the comment. If some kind of error message shows up, you'll still have the text to try again. Also, it may be worth your while to type up your comment in a Word or Google document, then copy and paste it into the comment form.

Another note...On occasion, various non-spam comments from some of you end up in the spam folder on my Blogger dashboard, and for no obvious reason. I've tried to make it a point to check the spam folder more regularly because of this, and to publish your comments the second I become aware of them. I'd rather keep the spam settings intact so we won't have anyone trying to sell us the latest and greatest Sexual Enhancement products or Meet Hot Babes Online! websites in the comment please bear with me.

To any of you who've experienced any of these issues, I apologize for the inconvenience.


  1. I thought Blogger just didn't like me :P I've been having this problem intermittently all over the blogosphere (including commenting on my own blog!). Of course, it is only the really profound and witty comments that Blogger eats....

  2. ^^^ That comment looks like spam ;)

  3. Perhaps it's just from this computer but I found that by double-clicking, instead of clicking once, on the "Post comment" button, my problems don't happen...

  4. A handful of comments from the last couple of days seem to have vanished. I apologize. Whatever work Blogger was doing on the system appears to have at least temporarily gobbled them up. If they don't reappear, again, I apologize.