Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Volume 6)

The Good

I usually put links to some articles that I've found particularly insightful or compelling in this slot...but, despite there being plenty of prime material from my blog friends and elsewhere, today, I think you just need to laugh a little.

Allow me to introduce you to old-time evangelist Brother Cecil Watkins. He brings a powerful message - a message that I could literally hear at any number of small, rural churches here in the south on any given Sunday...

Waaaay back when, I used to run in the same circles as the guy playing Brother Cecil (Jarrett Dougherty). He's one of the most naturally funny humans I know of (and not a bad drummer). Nice to see him making a successful career of it.

The Bad

I shouldn't expect anything less from her. (Or maybe I mean anything more. I don't know.) Just an absolutely ridiculous take on a ridiculous, dominionist issue. Seems to be somewhat forced, too, as if she just needed to get something, anything, up on her blog - so she decided to crank this out and subject her readers to it. It's another at-bat in her perpetual effort to convince herself that she's made the right choices. And the comments, as usual, leave me the less for reading them.

And of course, the Vision Forum gang is up to its typical tomfoolery...

INTO THE AMAZON: A Beta Version of Our Brand New Trailer. from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.

Phillips comes across to me as having a bit of hop in his hoof, and I think these "manly" escapades are the product of that. Personally, I think his time would be better spent teaching his son that the KKK is bad and that it's wrong to make fun of someone with a medical condition (reporter Serene Branson)...but hey, that's just me.

The Ugly

(For the sake of potentially angry emailers, I'm not implying that these women are physically ugly!)

The latest installment of the Smiling Sisters...

You may ask why I include these women in "the ugly" when so much of what they say here seems right. It's because I don't believe much of their motivation is pure. I think they're trying to create their own brand within the SAHD movement, eventually enjoying the fruit of whatever popularity they can drum up, whether they want to stroke their pocketbook or their ego. And, even if their motivations ARE pure in some form, they're woefully misguided young women attempting to mislead other young women into an oppressive and spiritually abusive cult - hiding the ugliness of it all (which they're ignorant of) behind a lovey-dovey, gooey, Jesufied mask. On top of that, what they're doing with their show is pretty cheesy.

And someone, PLEASE, save this girl from "God" before he kills her!...


  1. The "manly" guy always makes me think the opposite. If you want a REAL amazon adventure read "The River of Doubt" about Theodore Roosevelt.

    Off the check out the "Smiling sisters".....

  2. Ok--just spit tea on the screen at the Nancy Campbell-ish sister! lol....

  3. At first the Amazon video made me mad but then just very sad. Because we have to have dominion over the earth we must destroy it?

    We must in the name of [dominionist] creationism find a remote yet beautiful area of untainted earth and trample it?

    I remember when resources were better spent promote the gospel of Christ when going to foreign lands, not the gospel of dominionism.

    I am grieved.

  4. And just so everyone knows...I don't frequent Generation Cedar. I only read there when someone makes me aware of a particularly outrageous article.

  5. Also, the Smiling Sisters aren't smiling because of the reasons given. If you kicked one of them in the shin, they probably wouldn't be smiling despite of all of those reasons given still existing. They're smiling because the camera's on.

  6. I couldn't even watch the entire "Smiling Sisters" video. The brown haired sister was talking so breathy and soft, it was almost as if she were embarrassed to be quoting scripture in the confines of her bedroom and didn't want anyone walking in on her and see her sitting in front of the camera.

  7. Hi Lewis,

    I've been following you for a few months now. I appreciate your blog so much.

    I am struck by the language in the Vision Forum's video... a lot about "lost cities" and "discovering" land. This seems to be the same sort of attitude I was taught growing up (home schooled and in a private Christian high school) about the USA. How can land be discovered if there are already people living there? It's incredibly ethnocentric... what a narrow, selfish worldview.