Thursday, January 27, 2011

Odds and... Odds (Volume 2)

Buckle your seatbelts...

The first two were found at Christian Nightmares.

You know how I talk about the dangers of mixing politics and faith, and how some Christians become so emotionally invested that politics become their religion? I present to you "The Battle Hymn of Sarah Palin"...

That darn Tea Party's gonna be the end of us all.

And there's nothing quite like senior citizens doing Hip-Hop...

This next one can't be embedded, so, here are the links. This is exhibit A of what we in the South refer to as "Mama called and Daddy sent" preaching...

Brother Barry Part 1
Brother Barry Part 2
Brother Barry Part 3


  1. I was curious about the rest of Sean McDowell's statement. I can't stand it when its cut off like that, and you know they said other things. I guess I'm used to the media doing such things to make their point with their 'spin'. They are all guilty of that.

    I'm not saying that was done with this clip, or the rest of his response made any difference. It just bothers me when clips end in the middle of someone's sentence or thought. Red Flags go up for me.

    In case anyone else was interested:

  2. It does seem that a certain segment of our population has real trouble telling the difference between The Tea Party and Christianity. Many of these Sarah Palin loving Tea Party folks are really confused and really angry. It is sad to watch. May come to know the joy only found in Christ.

  3. The 8:50 mark of Brother Barry part 2 is time-capsule material.

  4. ...trying (in vain) to figure out whether my Anglican church could best use "Hey Ya" during Rite One or Rite Two.

  5. Brother painful to watch. The poor lad needs a belt. And glasses. And a lot of practice.

  6. The seniors attempting to sing hip-hop were laughable, but frightening at the same time.