Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Volume 5)

The Good

Excellent piece from Darcy. I understand that she's gonna be writing more on the concept of emotional purity and the damage it does to many. Looking forward to it.

Hillary and Eric both with great articles at Quivering Daughters this week.

Kristen with a great look at a sensitive issue for many.

I included a link to Walking in Christ in a post a few days ago, but I want to bring it to your attention a bit more prominently. It's a blog written by a very brave young woman and her boyfriend. (proud of you guys)

The Bad

Ugggh. Why do I feel like everything she writes is an attempt to justify, not just to others but to herself, the lifestyle she's chosen? It seems strange to me how many conservations between others she "overhears" that so perfectly proves her dogma is the solution to mean ole 21st century feminist society. She needs, desperately, to stop overcompensating for whatever it is in her past that she condemns herself over, and to stop putting faith in the fruit producing the tree.

And...Meet the Smiling Sisters!

They even do movie reviews...

For their sakes, I keep hoping someone will reveal that this is a parody, but I fear the worst. Thanks a bunch, Ludys.

The Ugly

I'm afraid these people are serious. They're living a very perverted fantasy based on perverted history. Poor Botkin girls.

The Reformers Are Back: Part 1 from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.

Just silly.

And, what would the "Ugly" section look like without a visit from the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse?

I don't want Sarah Palin as President either. Let's just say we differ on the "why". But hey, who am I to argue with the Co-Prophet of the End Times?

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  1. The link for Kristin's article keeps going to Eric's article.

  2. Oopsy Daisy...Should be working now. Sorry bout that.

  3. Kelly's blog:

    Wow.....she really reads between the lines and puts words in people's mouths.

    I like that scripture about women guiding the house, but unfortunately, patriarchy WON'T let women guide the house

    The Smiling Sisters.......*sigh* I don't even know where to start. :( Being home prepares us to be a better wife and mother? *shakes head* I couldn't even watch all of it. It was so sad and heartbreaking.

  4. I'm glad you liked my essay! Thanks!

    Kelly is misquoting Paul-- he wasn't saying, "I want all younger women to marry and bear children." He was talking about widows, specifically, and saying that younger widows should remarry rather than go on the church rolls for support. Paul recognized that there were women who were called to remain single. Kelly is lifting the verse out of context to make it say something Paul never intended.

  5. Ha, The Third Eagle wasn't as overtly crazy as I was expecting! I am actually impressed with how convoluted those logic circles got to come back around to "Well, so even though women are totally better than men, men still get to be in charge. Ahem, that is, *have to* be in charge. Because it's actually a punishment to rule the world. Really, you should feel sorry for men. Oh, and forget everything else culturally and politically that was going on that made it highly unlikely for a Republican to win, McCain lost because he picked a girl. It's in the Bible."

  6. I was hoping the Smiling Sisters could have added their own rendition of the Hanes sisters number in White Christmas- "Sisters, sisters, there was never such devoted sisters..." perhaps with a rousing chorus line dance.

  7. You hit the nail on the head Lewis, Kelly is trying to overcompensate for the fact that she had a child out of wedlock prior to becoming a Christian. She often speaks of her past on her blog so I am not stating anything that she herself does not bring up regularly. This is so sad as she simply does not understand grace. The shame she felt for so long has lead her to go overboard to prove to everyone that she is virtuous and the patrio garbage offers her that opportunity. She is trying so very hard to regain what she perceives as her lost purity. We should pray that one day she will come to understand that only Christ can do that for her. All of her "good works" are like filthy rags. I feel sorry for her.

    I have found that what Kelly is doing is very common among women in patriarchy. Many of them have some very painful things in their past that they are dealing with. Failed marriages, children out of wedlock. They felt shamed as divorced women and single mothers and they have something to prove. Patriarchy offers them the opportunity to prove to others that they have regained their purity. They can overcome their shame. Just another group of women who have been taken in by this cult. Praying that these folks would discover the grace of Christ and turn away from the cult teachings of men.

  8. Smiling Sisters — "the Lord changed my heart" ... No, Geoff Botkin did. :-P

    It's almost as if the SAHD movement is telling girls that if they crawl back into (or never leave) Mommy's womb, it will better prepare them for childbirth because they will be so familiar with how pregnancy and childbirth works. "I was ten years old, just getting on with my life, when God Botkins changed my heart and told me to be a Stay In Hystera Daughter (SIHD). It has now been five months since I crawled back into the womb. The world beckons me, daily, to be reborn, and when that happens I just pray and remember what I'm doing; I will be thankful I'm doing this, because I know that by refusing to "mature" [complete with hand-gestured quotation-marks] I am better preparing myself to become a wife and mother. Because I'm Staying-In-Hystera. Of course, even from within my womb I peek out now and then via reverse ultrasound and write books and blogs about the world I'm supposed to know nothing about so I can convince other girls to crawl back into their mothers' wombs instead of living out in the cold cruel evil world. But, hey, I'm qualified, since my perspective isn't skewed or biased by being there and actually knowing what I'm talking about."

  9. I only watched part of the video with the two sisters. I found myself wondering about all the times I've heard people say things like, "The Lord showed me that contraception is sinful," or "God changed my heart and now I realize I need to serve my dad until marriage."

    Either God is schizophrenic, or many people aren't really hearing from him when they think they are. He can't be telling some people that contraception is always wrong and telling others that it's best to not have more kids for the sake of the mom's health.

  10. To be perfectly blunt... The Smiling Sisters...I didn't want to finish either one of the videos... *GAG* That's so sad. They look "slightly" brainwashed...

  11. So was the fake start of surprise in the second Smiling Sisters video in keeping with "whatsoever things are true?" Sheesh.

  12. Oh. My.
    Are you kidding me?
    Are you sure this...this...
    I have no words.
    *shakes head*

    I'm going to show my sister.
    We'll be yelling our indignation or something.

    Sadly, our mother has a shade of this view. Working in the home...etc etc....Um. I have dreams.
    And I'm stopping now, before I go on to write 5 novels. Because that just wouldn't be good.