Monday, October 18, 2010

Taking Dominion

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You don't need Jesus to have a plethora of children. You don't need Jesus to home school. You don't need Jesus to adhere to any particular dress code. You don't need Jesus to adhere to any particular behavioral code. You don't need Jesus for a man to be a masculine visionary or a woman to be a feminine homemaker. You don't need Jesus to stand against the effeminate or the feminist. You don't need Jesus to vote Republican or Constitutional. You don't need Jesus to overpower the opposition by force of numbers, particularly when those numbers are primarily dependent on breeding. You don't need Jesus to practice priestcraft, and most certainly not for a father to act as prophet, priest, and king of his home. Many who know little to nothing about Jesus do these things. Many devout atheists do these things. 

You do, however, need those things to take dominion.

It begs the question...What exactly would one need Jesus for, when the things listed above have become the ano klesis and dominant motivators, factors, and traits in one's life?

From my previous post, stated in reference to the followers of Jim Jones...

"All because Jesus left their culture...and they never noticed, because nothing changed. Their culture became their Jesus."

Neither the man nor the idea behind the movement needed Jesus. It merely needed a culture, a way of life, a "worldview".

Therefore, if you died with Christ from the basic principles of the world, why, as though living in the world, do you subject yourselves to regulations— “Do not touch, do not taste, do not handle,” which all concern things which perish with the using—according to the commandments and doctrines of men? These things indeed have an appearance of wisdom in self-imposed religion, false humility, and neglect of the body, but are of no value against the indulgence of the flesh.

How beautiful to clean the inside of the cup and dish. How beautiful to set our mind on things above, rather than on the basic principles and regulations of things here, according to the commandments and doctrines of men.

How disheartening to see Jesus as an innocent bystander, yet burdened with the blame for something He had no taste for.


  1. How disheartening to see Jesus as an innocent bystander, yet burdened with the blame for something He had no taste for.

    This puts this into such a heartbreaking perspective. If only P/QF families would see it this way.

  2. This is so good and TRUE, Lewis.

  3. The thing about 'dominion' is that it's mistaken in regards to What those created by God, not the Lord God but God [this I think is two creations, know that's not Orthodoxy but other's have concluded the same, there was also Generations between, anyway not needed to get into here] but the dominion was to be over

    the earth [the nature part] and the animals, fish and so forth, NOT people. No where does it say have dominion over PEOPLE and subdue PEOPLE. Also to have Dominion over nature/earth and animals/fish/birds WAS to be a Caretaker or Husbandman...something Noah did do, that requires Harmony--I believe personally the Native Indians in countries had this right--where as Religion missed it, the religion inspired by the gold barons since B.C. Egypt.

    Adam and Eve were not told to take dominion but to TEND to the garden, now is that garden of souls? Who knows...I tend to think it is as well as tend to the Lord God's garden and so forth, and I find this interesting in that it's not delved into, it's just Assumed that there is one creation story--though those Outside of the Christianese claim that the first creation was possibly the angels and the second was man--who knows, like I wasn't there or anything, to me it's possible,

    but on the dominion thing, How we 'define' dominion Today, compared to what it meant then, I do strongly believe are two different things, I think to have a more Realistic definition in God's light of what that dominion would mean would be the kind of work that those who work in nature conservation do, That to me is what it means, by oversee the care of the earth and animals, etc. Which is a heavy responsibility,

    one that God didn't take lightly though our materialist distorted religions have sure twisted these things out of the commands, the whole notion of Dominion over humans is not one of God but one of the Nazi creed or the gold baron Empires, and the only other reference I can think of when it pertains to dominion is the temptation of Jesus, when Satan told him that the kingdoms, dominion, were his to give to whom he will, so if Someone is wanting dominion over kingdoms, people,

    uh, then they barking up Satan's tree...thou shall not worship any other gods Jesus said, in response to the temptation to have 'dominion',

    funny how that isn't pay heed to today. While I realize my view is a bit minority, I strongly believe, that the dominion that God spoke of, is more of the Environmental keep balance, to care for and tend to the gardens, rather than exploit them, pillage them, for idols, etc., and then subduing people to GET those idols,

    those are the ways of the old empires and new...meantime--Save the Sharks, seriously, sharks are now endangered due to hunting/cutting their fins off. That, that is the type of dominion, we were Supposed to have. It makes sense, when you look at the tree of LIFE, don't say, Tree of Power.

    just saying, Jane


  4. Speaking of sharks [lol, yea fundies, sharks, no pun intended] but you know been thinking of the life-ecology cycle and one thing that kept bothering me, triggering me a lot with the spiritual abuse too, was how animals hunt, predators, ok, you know because well, the dominion freaks are yes Predators,

    anyhow, so I watch a lot of science, right...and so I am asking God, about the life cycle, who are WE a food source for, etc., I get into those thoughts, quite often, because death or decay On earth, compost does produce nitrogen, etc., which creates new life, Kind of like the Hindi beliefs but NOT quite, ok, emphasis on kind of, speaking ecology here, but you know God had all these food laws, etc., life is in the blood, I do believe that there is a lot in science that IS spiritual, we are elements [don't believe me go without food] and those elements in dirt and dirt/dust IS in space, same elements, so I'm thinking, Jesus, Alpha, Omega, atoms, molecules, matter changes form, etc., and what happens to animals when they are eaten, etc., do their cells become a part of the animal that ate them, remember, life is in the blood, etc.

    OK so I kind of like, toss this off as well probably gibberish idea, then when watching show other day about Killer Whales in New Zealand, well they eat Sharks. Now get this, not only do they eat Sharks, they now have taken to eating stingrays, which is NOT common at all among Killer whales. So my daughter and I are watching these whales and thinking gee how mean, lol,

    well today, it dawns on me, Sharks eat stingrays, it is their or one of Their main course meals, so now if Whales eat sharks [rare] and now are eating stingrays which is NOT usual, it's very rare, then isn't that odd?

    Then it dawned on me, manna, the Word of God...there IS something spiritual about food [without getting into legalism/fanaticism here, etc] Because it is energy and life, the whole ecological cycle. Being disconnected which is what I think the fall is, from LIFE cycle, respect of LIFE which requires not only germination but Nurture [why patriarchy is not God, no way] and you know in the Wilderness, when they complained and ate the peasant, remember that?

    there is a lot to this, the air we breathe, the elements we take in, the grass that animals eat that we then eat, the whole food chain--and then the Spiritual, Jesus said in Revelations I believe that those who overcome will sit with Him IN his throne,

    are We a food source, either for energy of light/tree of life or dark [not being able to see, not dark as in night] and tree of death, etc.?

    Well anyway--thought that shark and stingray interesting then the whales, etc., a Lot of ways of looking at that, you know, maybe animals learn from us, do we corrupt them, etc., I do think our exploitation does effect how They act and that we will be held accountable, etc., [Noah, the flood] but anyway...

    when we talk of dominion, yea I think predators, you know...oh well know that sounds 'out' there but well, thought I'd throw it out anyway.