Friday, September 10, 2010

This Is Your Brain...This Is Your Brain On Politics

The whole time I was watching this, I kept hearing from the recesses of my mind, "My name is Matt Foley, I am THRICE divorced, and I live in a van down by the river!!!"


This is what happens when people take their politics just a tad too seriously...


  1. Is this for real??

    I love how he said it was his favorite quote, but he can't even quote it right.

    The guy should cut back on the 'roids! I don't think I could have sit there without laughing hysterically. I want to tell the guy, "Dude, calm down, it's JUST Treasurer!"

    For a guy with a degree in communication, he is seriously missing something.

    I think people were afraid to clap during his speech. I know I would be.

  2. Yikes! I was scared at 28 seconds!

    I feel like the playdough kids in The Soup intro to their segment "What the Kids are Watching"..

    MOMMY! Aaah! *tears*

  3. ROFL... I love his "purposeful" walking back and forth and then how he has pause so he can check his notes...

    Yup. Totally not overdone.

    Ohhh and the voice cracking...

    Aside from the comic elements it is positively freaky.

  4. I wanted a bit more background to this video since it seems like something had set him off, to say the least! But this interview seems to clarify that a bit.


  5. This man needs help and so does anyone who votes for him...

  6. Why are the strangest people starting to service?? You gave me another "interesting" person to research. Thanks!

  7. That style of speaking sounds exactly like the style of preaching we got at my IFB Bible College. ALL. The. Time. Seven days a week, sometimes more depending on the ocassion. Ugh!

  8. Oh.Em.Gee .... can't. stop. laughing. It *is* Matt Foley!

    ... bless his heart