Friday, September 3, 2010

Links of Note

Hillary's first installment of Fridays of Grace is well worth the read. Some of you may even want to participate, and she invites you to. Also at QD, Eric Pazdziora's first of what will be regular contributions there. Check it out.

Steve Scott takes an interesting look at Boundaries.

Just for kicks, see if you can find any spiritual and intellectual dishonesty in this article. Shouldn't be too hard.

And, for those who missed it several weeks back, here's the Wife Whisperer. Full of something, alright. Be sure to chew up a Pepcid before reading.

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  1. I'm still stuck on "What is the opposite of Head?" I'm thinking perhaps "Hat" or maybe "Guillotine."

  2. *bangs head*

    I don't see any difference in the definitions of Patriarch and Patriocentric. Father-rule (it's all about the father's rules) and Father-centric (it's all about the father's rules) seem pretty much the same to me when you look at them side by side.

    And she has some pretty crazy interpretation of the word "head" as ruler. All she needs to do is go back to the Greek and realize it does NOT mean head as ruler. GAH!

  3. I just read the last link. How incredibly offensive to women everywhere. He's probably one of those that also believes in domestic discipline, too.

  4. Wow. Just wow.
    I've been trolling your blog for a while but this is my first comment.
    I really wanted to comment on the "wife whisperer" article but comments are turned off. Sad. The thing that I wanted to point out to the author is WHERE THE HECK DOES HE GET THE IDEA THAT WE ARE CREATED TO THINK LIKE DOGS?? Every argument of his is based on this idea that we are programmed with a pack mentality. What? You've got to be kidding me. Where is that in Scripture?

    P.S. I'd never heard of domestic discipline before and that post made me and my husband physically ill. We did have a good discussion about that sort of thing afterward, though. The thing that strikes me with the whole DD situation is it is strikingly like Islam. Never before have I heard that Christianity promotes or condones a husband to treat his wife in such a childish and degrading manner.

  5. Kronk - men like that are cowards. They shut down comments because they don't want to be challenged, questioned or proved to be wrong. They want to be the ultimate authority and God forbid if someone makes them out to be false teachers.

  6. Elizabeth Larson-DiPippoSeptember 3, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    Sick as it makes me, I'm pretty sure that last link about "Wife Whispering" was written by a woman. Wow is all I can say.

  7. kronk...Don't want to make you any more ill over it, but the Wife Whisperer is written by a patriarchal belief driven woman.

    Revolting, isn't it?

  8. Yes, revolting is a good word for it.

  9. OH MY WORD! It's written by a woman????? That's shameful, obscene and horrid!

    And I still stand by my coward statement. She's a coward for not turning the comments on.

  10. BTW kronk...Concerning DD, it has extensive roots in Mormonism, and many of the fringe Christian groups and teachers who promote it draw from the Mormon practice of it. I plan to do some writing about it in the near future. Frightening stuff. Almost a form of slavery.

    Also, welcome, and dive in anytime.

  11. Erika...I agree. Extremely cowardly.

  12. Lewis, for several months now I have been following the blog known as Full of Grace, Seasoned With Salt(Wife Whisperer). The author Laura claims she is a woman. She says she is young, newly married and a new Christian. A few commentors have expressed doubts about her true gender though. I can't tell either way. All I know is that the blog is entirely devoted to bashing modern women (actually all women) and stroking the male ego.

    I encourage you and your readers to pay close attention to what is going on at Laura's blog especially regarding the exchanges that take place with the commentors. If you or any of your readers care to leave Laura a comment, be careful that you do not overdue your criticism of her or she will not publish your comment.

    Keep up the good work, Lewis. I am paying attention.

  13. Thanks, Mrs.P...In fact, the same is true of Stacy McDonald's blog. Any dissent is labeled as "vitriol", and if she doesn't like what you have to say, you won't get published. She's refused to publish two of my recent comments, neither of which were vitriolic, although both exposed some flawed and dishonest logic in her views.

  14. I just read that Wife Whisperer post.

    Might I point out that if she is truly the patriocentric, humble, submissive wife that she claims to be, then every statement on that blog comes only after she has discussed it/approved it with her husband or after he came up with the idea and had her transcribe it. Ergo, she is her husbands mouth to the world.

    I knew a girl that was great fun before marriage, but after she married someone who "agreed with her beliefs" (patriocentric etc.) she became his talking parrot.

    I believe that woman is spouting her husbands views straight to the world through her blog: it makes me sick.

    Either way, his ideas, her ideas, or their co-mingling of ideas, I have to agree the word 'revolting' is quite fitting.

  15. Since the comments were disabled on Wife Whispering, I'll say here what I would have said there: You are one VERY SICK PUPPY

  16. Sarah...

    "I believe that woman is spouting her husbands views straight to the world through her blog: it makes me sick."

    Personally, I think that's the case more often than not on these patriocentric blogs. It's a shame.

    Cheryl...Ain't that the truth.

    The shame of it all is I love the Dog Whisperer, and now, I know there are women (or at least one) who thinks it's appropriate for a Christian man to treat his wife that way, so the show has been tarnished. Every time I watch it I think of this nonsense.

  17. Mrs. P - There are so many of these types of bloggers that won't post your comments if they don't agree with their way of thinking. If you look at their comments, the only ones that are published are the ones that are in agreement with them and none of them even show a slight bit of disagreement with them.

    That shouldn't stop anyone from saying exactly what is on their minds to her. For myself, I refuse to back down on my comments and my honest regardless of whether they get published or not. Sugarcoating and backing off on constructive criticism doesn't do anyone any favors.

  18. Just popped in to read,

    I haven't looked at the wife whisper or any of that other Insane bat [I'll be nice] crazy crap,

    but I'll share with you what I think from my neck of the woods so to speak...[streets, etc]

    ok this whole thing with wife whisperer, a.k.a. just like the whole horse whisperer or Dog whisperer, for one CAN we take it for serious or is this just some pervo man circle jerking posing as a female writing this trash? Seriously, to me just what I read in the comments, it sounds more like some religious wanna be bad ass bdsm gangsta,

    you know, what I would SO love to tell those folks, Come on down to our hood,

    let's see how tough and submissive you Really are,

    seriously, Idiots.

    We got people Dying in this nation and fruitloops with TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS writing about spank me daddy, good grief,

    if it wasn't so seriously sick it would be comical, but This is to those fundie's out there who are promoting this B.C. fantasy garbage,

    this is Why they will get their asses creamed by the African American, Street revolters/underground citizens that ARE growing and the Latinos moving IN and who are IN this nation,

    and the Reason I do mention this is because this is the Type of Dumbing Down that yes, Is a deliberate 'infrastructure' that is keeping the mainstream just oblivious to the Culture war that is Right in front of their noses, and when it Does hit them,

    and It will, they won't be ready for it. And why,

    because we have bourgeoisie horse/wife whisperer's out there who just don't have a Clue, that's why. And I'd by lying if I didn't admit, that there is a part of me, that is like,

    you know when the SHTF, when it comes on the likes of the spank me daddy types, it Will be, poetic justice. Because to maintain the Status Qua in this nation, of privilege,

    this is the type of Garbage they've protected knowing All along it was going on in compounds and in little churches and they LET it go on--and even Protected it.

    Just's what is called DECADENCE, MORAL DECAY, it Didn't start on the streets folks,

    it started in good ole white town Amerikkka.


  19. To the above,

    well maybe there was a reason I was in that cognitive dissonance yesterday between what I know as the class/race warfare and what I hear in Christianity/Bible, that I have an extremely hard time not saying, Yep, Marx was absolutely Right...opiate indeed for the privilege/status qua pyramid...though I do fight to NOT go down that spiral,

    Sure enough, I get word today, thanks to some not sure if fundie or just Stupid hate mongers who claim Christianity in Florida, are having a Koran burning day, 9-11,

    I am very outspoken against the abuses in Islam, I understand the outrage/anger, I have fought the relativists on issues that just make me shake my head, it was THE reason I walked away from the far left and quit the Socialist Party I was in...

    but to burn the Koran--is stupid, it's asking for war,

    sure enough, the Muslims in America are responding, they claim bloodshed,

    here it comes folks....but the Travesty is, it didn't Begin with the Jihadist's, oh no, but with Christian whack jobs.

    I understand and strongly disagree with the Mosque at the 9-11 memorial, I believe there should be a Human Rights Memorial there--

    what peeves me to no end however, is how these religious will USE women's human rights, to push their geo-political racist agenda [and political, it's not always racist] yet at the SAME time,


    and now, if this blows up in our faces, it will be, guarantee you, THE WOMEN, WHO WILL PAY WITH THEIR BODIES, because that is how All conflicts are warred out--male savagery on female bodies,

    HERE'S TO PATRIARCHY we might just know what the other women worldwide have been suffering under OUR good ole boy Christian patriotic go go rape and kill the female,

    right in our own back yard, and we can thank Christian stupid men, our brethren for it...

    go figure.


  20. Just got it. The "opposite of Head" is "Hat rack."

    Her post still doesn't make any sense, but at least I figured out the riddle.