Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I can't let Father's Day slip by without expressing my appreciation for my dad. He's a gentle soul of a man, and (I think I can speak for my brother on this) if I or my brother can live our lives as half the man our dad is, we'll have accomplished much.

This Tuesday will mark 50 years of very happy, loving, and Christ-centered marriage for my parents. I'm so proud of them, humbled by the standard their lives have set, and overwhelmingly blessed to call them Mom and Dad.

To those of you from homes that have been bruised by extreme fundamentalism and patriocentricity, and have taken the step of immense faith to leave the lifestyle, trusting God above all else, often at the expense of relationship with your family...You guys are my heroes. You honor me by taking the time to visit this page, and you honor your fathers by your steadfast faith and devotion to Christ.

To those of you still living in difficult situations, my heart is with you, as are many others, and I'm honored that you would visit this page. Please, never ever forget how much God loves you.

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  1. Thank you, Lewis. I can only hope and pray that my sons will say the same of me when I am old, bald, and gray haired (reconcile THAT combination). You are so blessed.